In this segment we look at the emergence of innovative Bed head Panel solutions, which are providing a tidy and hygienic alternative to the plethora of wires and cables necessary in modern hospital environments.

Bed spaces in hospitals are a complicated maze of wires, cables and other high-tech equipment, which is vital to the smooth running of services, as well as to the wellbeing and recovery of patients. Panels offers a convenient way of bringing all services – Medical Gas Supply system, Electricity, Data all into the slim Aluminium profile– to the patient’s bedside while avoiding the need for individual wire ways and pipe work.

Other than the above mentioned features, additional features like Nurse Call technology, audio systems, UPS Power supply, medical rail (Medirail) to mount accessories like Basket, IV Stand, Suction bottle holder can also be incorporated.

It is modular in design to allow customized configuration to suit the unique needs of each

Hospital. It can be customized in Lengths and configuration. Considering the preferences of the client the Panels can be designed vertically or horizontally.

We Provide Panels in Aluminium extruded or MS Powder coated material for the convenience of our esteemed Clients.


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