UV Disinfection System

A reliable safety device for protection against infection.

YODDHA, YODDHA++, HYGEIA & HYGEIA LITE, are the latest constant wave UV_C surface and air disinfection technology designed specifically for all areas of the hospital and healthcare environment.

The Tower are completely mobile, making it perfect for disinfecting ambulances and suitable for disinfecting patient rooms, operating theatres and all over the hospital, or even in airplane cabins, hotels corporate offices, conference rooms i.e. any space.

They give optimum results along with a fast and effective germicidal does of continuous wave UVC energy killing germs and pathogens when and where you want. The disinfection Tower are prefect for use all over the hospitals, in even the smallest spaces. It can be adjusted for any height between covering floor to ceiling and eliminating shadows, for more thorough disinfection. The Tower completely remove the guess work and ineffective of regular cleaning.

  • A minimalistic UV-C tower with powerful UV-C technology used...

  • A colossal UV-C implied tower with an extenable actuator com...

  • One of a kind Ultraviolet-C disinfection tower with a built-...

  • An Automatic UV-C Disinfected revolving system which disinfe...


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